Benchmade’s New Dynamic Duo | Tactical Auto Knives

Superior design and engineering make this new pair of tactical auto knives from Benchmade tools you can bet your life on!

Benchmade is arguably the largest manufacturer of automatic knives in the world, both in the number of different models offered, and in the quantity produced. They produce more than 24 models under their own name as well as more for the H&K knife line.

The Infidel

I recently received two new offerings that I think TK readers would be especially interested in. The first is a type of auto that is new to the Benchmade line, the Model 3300 Infidel, designed by Bill McHenry. This is an “out the front” (OTF) where the blade comes straight forward out of the handle. It is being marketed as a “Double Action OTF.” The term “double action,” when referring to automatic-opening knives, normally means that the knife can be opened either automatically or manually. In this case it is meant to signify that the knife both opens automatically and closes automatically or what many of us call an “auto out, auto in.”

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