Blade Tech’s Rockin’ Rijbak Folding Knife Review

Don't let its super-good looks fool you. This new Lightfoot-designed folding knife is a brute of a worker, hunter and fighter!

The ideal everyday carry knife is a magical thing. Personal preferences aside, it will always be a blade whose deployment and use easily becomes reflexive to its user, a proverbial extension of the hand. All snaps, flaps, buttons, locks and clips are accessible, strong and secure, yet not restrictive to using the blade or to shifting your grip on the handle. With the familiarity required to form any bond of friendship, this knife is one that seems to simply appear in the hand when needed, whether slicing through knotted rope on a stormy wharf, or just opening your mail. In the New Millennium, the preferred everyday-carry knife will likely be a folder with a pocket clip, a design whose popularity can be seen almost everywhere, and one that accommodates virtually every purpose shy of hardcore bushwhacking.

rijbak-011.jpgThe new RIJBAK tactical/hunting folder from Blade-Tech is one pocket-clip knife that has what it takes to become a best friend. Designed by Canadian custom knifemaker Greg Lightfoot, the RIJBAK reflects the maker’s unique experience with using a knife in the wilds.

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