Blades That Take Center Stage | Kershaw Kitchen Knives

Kershaw’s ever expanding Ken Onion Shun knives prove their worth at home in the kitchen and on TV Chef Alton Brown’s set!

It has amazed me how quickly Kershaw’s Shun kitchen knives have become the number one cutlery choice in gourmet cooking circles. The company has matched that popularity by expanding the Shun line into a large family of premium cutlery. Currently, the Shun catalog consists of six sub-groups: the Elite (made of powdered SG2 steel for better edge retention and performance), Classic, Ken Onions, Steel Series, Pro Series and Pro2’s. The Ken Onion designed collection is probably the most unique of these kitchen blades.

Having started off with only one knife, the 8-inch bladed “Ken Onion Chef’s,” Kershaw now offers 10 different Onion models. As most knife buffs know, anything Ken designs is bound to have a distinct style all its own. The Chef’s knife was one of those blades you had to actually use before you really appreciated how much thought had gone into the project. That same unique quality has been carried over to the newer models—the Paring, Utility and Serrated Utility, a 4-3/8-, 6-, and 10-inch Chef’s, a Santoku, a Slicing, and a Multi-Purpose Serrated Slicing.

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