BLIND HORSE PATHFINDER | Survival Knife Review

Discovery Channel’s survival pro Dave Canterbury teams with BHK to build a powerful 10-inch backcountry knife!

The Pathfinder, with a 10-inch overall length and tipping the scales at almost 11 ounces, this Scandi knife is no Mora! It’s a tough, full-tang beast as capable of chopping as it is fine carving.

Dave Canterbury has been steadily working at his Pathfinder survival school in western Ohio for several years now. The school consists of a mix of hands-on classes and online e-courses but, in an effort to share his knowledge beyond the scope of the school, Dave started doing You Tube videos on survival- and bushcraft-related topics and things soon turned viral!

Dave Canterbury is the founder of the Pathfinder School, author of the new book Survivability for the Common Man, and co-star of the Discovery Channel show Dual Survival. Dave has over 20 years of both military and civilian training and has done such diverse jobs as hunting guide and tracker, commercial fisherman and diver.

That web popularity eventually drew the attention of the folks at the Discovery Channel and landed Dave a spot co-starring with Arizona-based survival instructor and author Cody Lundin in a show called Dual Survival. The show pits them against various climates and survival situations to see how they tackle them with their disparate backgrounds. Dave and Cody often have very different approaches to things, including cutlery. While both instructors do prefer Scandinavian grinds to their knives, Cody generally uses a humble Mora, while Dave straps on his burlier BHK (Blind Horse Knives) Pathfinder knife. With over 20 years of military and civilian experience, it should come as no surprise that Dave has come up with some particular ideas as to what he wants in a tool. When it came time to put those ideas to steel, Dave turned to a company native to his home state of Ohio, Blind Horse Knives. What Dan Coppins of BHK and Dave came up with was the “Pathfinder Knife.”

Ultimate Survival Tool
The 5-1/2-inch blade features a Scandinavian grind edge and is a full 3/16-inch thick slab of 1095 high carbon steel. The edge angle and heat treat that BHK is using on the current generation pathfinder knife proved very durable during the author’s field testing.

I asked Dave what prompted him to pursue his own knife design after having worked with so many others. He told me that “A knife is the ultimate survival tool; it is the first item on the list of survival items I encourage people to carry, as it can create everything else in an emergency.” This was to be the blade that he used personally, and that he would sell through his school, so it had to be one that he trusted implicitly. With that concept in mind, he had a number of features he wanted incorporated into the Pathfinder knife.

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  • waykno

    BHK uses multiple steels, mostly O1 but this knife is 1095. Sandvik stainless, 440C, and others. Some may have to be asked for as they are not on the knives currently on their site. They also have a box stating what the codes on the blades translate to in terms of the steel on that particular knife.

  • John W

    I really would like to have one of these fine survival tools, I still am in the USMC. Do you offer a military discount?

  • Christopher wick

    I found this guy on YouTube making cool Aid flavored ash cakes next to a stream. Well it was Dave and I’ve been watching him ever since, not sure how many years ago that was. Now I didn’t buy the pathfinder wright when it came out I wanted to see what the knife would do with other people. But I did go out and buy a BHK bushcrafter, I love it, I have well over a hundred knives and that bushcrafter is my go to knife,EDC, never leaves my side. A little less than a year has gone buy since the PLSK1 has been out and I went ahead and bought one, I can’t say enuff about it.Great knife. I liked it so much I just got another one, I’ll keep this one nice.

  • Jake

    Got one too. A must have for all ages… But now I too am confused!? The article says 1095 high carbon steel.. I was told by Alicia McQuain@ BHK that’s it’s all O1 steel… Which is it???

  • Bill McGann

    I have owned the PLSK1 made by BHK and designed by Dave Canterbury for approximately a year. I knew at first glance this knife would outlast me. Like the knife, the sheath is also beautifully made. This is an ALL PURPOSE tool. I use it as a chopper, skinner, and even for food prep. This knife is what I use as the standard by judging all other fixed blades in its class. I

    Thanks BHK and Thanks Dave!

  • Mike

    1095 Steel…on the website it says 01.

  • I recently took the plunge and purchased a PLSK1 from Blind Horse Knives.

    I had not handled or even seen one of these knives in the flesh so was a little concerned about making the purchase. However, I had heard good things about BHK products and hold Dave Canterbury in high regard (The man seems to know his stuff).

    The knife arrived the other day and I was not disappointed. A real solid tool, well made and well designed. The sheath finishes the package beautifully. It carries the knife the securely and is comfortable to wear.

    The knife is a beast but it is well balanced and can be used for fine work such as carving as well as performing the heavier camp chores like processing wood for the fire and shelter building.

    I am over the moon with my new knife and look forward to years of faithful service.

  • Pete M.

    Do you offer a military discount on this?

  • Steve

    Thanks for looking at Blind Horse Knives. I’ve carried them in combat, as well as during back-country camping. They are extremely well made and functional tools.

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