Boker’s Action2 Auto Conversion | Double Action Folding Knife

I have been working recently with a superb new automatic…

I have been working recently with a superb new automatic knife based on a Boker folder that is an excellent double-action in external design as well as in internal mechanics. Even better, it is available at an almost unbelievably reasonable price. This knife, called the Boker Plus Action2, is truly an international product.

The parent manufacturer, Boker, is an old, highly revered German cutlery company with manufacturing facilities all over the world. This particular knife was designed by renowned German cutlery designer Dietmar Pohl. It is manufactured in Taiwan to Boker’s high standards and imported into the United States as an excellent one-hand-opening manual folder. Once in this country, it is professionally converted, using some American-made parts, into an extremely slick double-action automatic knife. That is, it can be opened both as a manually opened folder as well as an automatic opener. Even better is the fact that its automatic opening mechanism is designed so that its firing mechanism is covert. More on that later.

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  • Tyler Ernhout

    I have recently spoken with a Boker employee asking why my Boker 060 isn’t fireing via my automatic button and he replied. (once this knife is produced for the united states we convert it to straight manual because, automatic is illegal ) I don’t know if it is because I am not active duty or a Police officer but if you ask nicely you might get a little further than me. I am going to be persistent and take my knife apart and see what is not working properly. If I find anything out I will share the news everywhere I can.

  • bill

    I also have one of these. Great knife. But my auto open button is also hard to use. So i just use it in non auto mode. Very nice

  • Joe Bananas

    I have three of these and none of them open autmatically. Save your money.

  • diego florez

    es una navaja exelente lastima el mecanismo del automatico sea tan duro

  • John Tracy

    I own the Boker plus Action2.I love the quality of boker knives & this model would be 1 of my favorite knives if the firing mechanism worked properly.Everything on this knife is solid & smooth except it takes alot of force to squeeze the release button.Maybe I just have a dud,??? I own other bokers & autos w/no problems.I wish the auto button worked on this otherwise great knife!For this reason the knife collects dust sitting in a box,what a waste.