Bush Blade Perfection | Outdoor Survival Knife

Wilderness expert Mors Kochanski picks a knife that’s ready to take on the backcountry.

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Terrell Hoffman Photo

What would it be like to interview the legendary woodsman and writer Horace Kephart and the guy at Colclesser Brothers who made his knife? Sounds like a knife writer’s dream, doesn’t it?

bush2.jpgWell, I have had the opportunity to do the next best thing. If there is a modern Kephart, it is Mors Kochanski of Peers, Alberta, Canada. Mors is arguably the finest practitioner of Northwoods survival skills in the world. His region of expertise is the boreal forest, that huge swath of spruce-moose forest that extends from the Canadian Shield across North America, the Bering Strait, Siberia, and westward to Scandinavia and the North Sea.