Bushcraft Skills

When bushcraft students show up to class or camp, they…


When bushcraft students show up to class or camp, they are always anxious to begin to work with their knife. They want to make the things they have seen in books and magazines and they all hope to have a fair level of expertise in knife craft by the end of the week. Unfortunately, these are folks who frequently do not have a solid foundation in the most basic knife handling skills. They may own a respectable collection of blades, but there is a better than even chance that they have never spent the hours of work with a knife that would give them the capability they need. And through no fault of their own, most of them don’t know how to go about gaining the experience that will make them the experts they want to be.

1053.jpgThe answer to this is simple. With a little instruction and lots of pleasurable practice, anyone can develop a solid level of competence with the knife, and it can be done right at home. Once the time is invested, an individual can enter the bush with the knowledge that they will be proficient, quick and safe with their most important tool.

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  • Ann Sheffield

    nice intro; where is the rest of it? i.e.; what Scandinavian skills? types of practice to gain mastery? opportunities for further training?