Chinese Torture Test | Knife Torture Tests

Ever wonder how those $2 knock-offs stack up to "Made In The USA" knives? Before dropping $30 for 15, you'd better read this report.


You have all probably heard the pitch by now on the home shopping stations and seen the ads in various discount mail order catalogs: “30 Knives For Only $29.99!” The numbers vary, but it almost always works out to knives at around a dollar or two apiece.

_mg_5182.gifBack when I was a kid (1960’s), I bought my first couple of folders out of a bucket at Sears for 99 cents each. These were American-made shell-bolster Imperials and, at the time, were about as low as you could go for inexpensive pocketknives. My point here is that if you factor in inflation for the last 40 plus years, these modern Chinese knives must cost something like a nickel each in 1960 dollars! Believe it or not, I thought the 99-cent Imperials were a bargain at the time. A KA-BAR or a Western would have set me back five or six dollars (and would have been worth every penny of it!).

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  • Firen Skyshadow

    I have not had a chance to read the whole article but a friend in my collectors club, SharpFans on Yahoo Groups did. I agree with the comments on the cheaper Frost Tactical knives however, I have been using and selling SMKW’s Rough Rider knives for over 3 years now with no complaints from my customers or myself. I live in rural western WA in the North Cascades and my knives get daily use as do the Rough Riders my neighbors and friends carry. We’re talking about loggers, truck drivers, farmers, and just plain country folks here. combine that with Smokey Mountain Knifeworks guaranty on everything they sell, and you have a winner. I would rather lose a $14.99 RR, than a $60, or $70 Case any day.
    Also, anyone who has dealt with knives knows that you never open opposing blades that share the same backspring on ANY knife, I don’t care what brand it is, you’re abusing the knife and asking for trouble. One bad knife out of thousands doe not make an objective test and I challenge you to come test some of my personal Rough Riders. They can stand up to it I am sure!
    Firen SharpFans Founder