Chopping Out of Trouble | Battle Hawk Axe

GG&G's Battle Hawk axe– For those critical times when you need to enter without knocking!

I have to admit, the popularity in recent years of tactical tomahawks with the military has come as a bit of a surprise to me. Of course, there has been a long tradition of “Roger’s Rangers” Mystique around the tomahawk in the U.S. Army and they were mildly popular for a brief period during the Vietman War.  While a hawk certainly had potential as a hand-to-hand combat weapon, things seldom got that close in Southeast Asia. Most troops quickly decided it wasn’t worht carrying the weight for days on end to be ready for that rare situation where a hawk might be needed.

ggg-01.jpgI suspect it was modern urban combat that created the curent demand for tactical hawks.  House-to-house fighting means doors must be battered down, windows broken, holes cut in walls, boxes smashed, things dug up, car trunks pried open the list– goes on and on. One of the tools specifically designed for this hard us is the GG&G Battle Hawk.

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