Color Trumps Camo for Knives

We discuss the importance and drawbacks of color to advertise new knives


The average reader of Tactical Knives is just not the person you would expect to follow women’s fashions. It’s like trying to mix oil and water. There are some stylish women that read the magazine, but even they will admit their numbers are limited. However, knives and fashion do have a common thread. That aspect is the use of color to promote new sales in both industries.

anodized.gifEarly knives had limited colors. If they had a handle, it was bone, antler, or wood. Those earth-toned materials were available and performed as well as could be expected. It wasn’t until the rise of synthetic materials that the knife industry began to get a dash of color. But like a lot of the add-on features incorporated in knife design, color just for the sake of color never went over well with the buying public.

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  • Robert

    Can anyone tell me the model numbers for the two knives on the top?