CRKT recently introduced two new multi tools, both applicable for several real-life situations.


First in Columbia River Knife & Tool’s (CRKT) I.D. Works line are two unique multi-tools—the new Guppie and Zilla-Tool. CRKT says sophisticated engineering and design makes these products unique and useful in real-life situations. The Guppie is a small, pocketable wrench-based tool that can tackle small- to medium-size jobs. It’s packed with features—adjustable wrench jaw, knife, carry carabiner, screwdriver, bottle opener, bit carrier, hex bits and LED light. $29.95. CRKT calls the Zilla-Tool, “A departure from worn-out ways of thinking about multi-tool pliers.” It has techno ergonomic design, without sharp edges to hurt the hand. The pliers do not need to be folded out, they are spring loaded. The bit driver and storage pockets yield a fully functional screwdriver. This is a tool you can use to undertake real work. $39.99. 800-891-3100 or visit

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