Dayhiker: For Bucks, Bison & Beyond!

Knife maker Jerry Hossom stated in the 2007 Spyderco catalog,…

Knife maker Jerry Hossom stated in the 2007 Spyderco catalog, “I avoid knifemaking boundaries and prefer making models that don’t fit any predisposed category, but are task or role specific as to function.” The quartet of large fixed-blade knives Hossom designed for Spyderco certainly doesn’t fit into any preconception about the role of an outdoor knife. Whatever the cutting chore, from clearing a campsite to game care, one of the four new Hossom designs can handle the assignment.

It should be noted that all four of these new fixed-blade options are nearly identical in configuration, with only the overall length varying. The steel used in these knives is N690Co stainless, which can be considered both high-carbon (1.07%) and high-chromium (17.0%). “My first choice in steel was S30V stainless, but that would have put the cost of these knives well out of the reach of most folks. The firm in Italy that produces the knives suggested N690Co. After some rather extensive testing, I discovered that it held a good edge and resisted chipping better than almost any other steel choice. Furthermore, it was far less costly than my first choice,” Hossom told me during a recent conversation.

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