Diamond Edge Pro

SMITH’S DIAMOND EDGE PRO Want to cut to the proverbial…


Want to cut to the proverbial chase when it comes to home knife and scissor sharpening? Check out Smith’s new Diamond Edge Pro Sharpener. It’s the first electric sharpener of its kind to offer the flexibility of both factory quality edge electric and manual sharpening together in one product. The unit’s features include: overlapping Diamond Abrasive Wheels for fast and precise sharpening of both sides of a knife blade at the same time, and a powerful Dual Speed Motor with the “Adjust 2 Speed” feature which allows the user to change the sharpening speed to suit the condition of the knife edge. Also included are two manual sharpening notches—carbide for aggressive sharpening of damaged or very dull blades and ceramic for polishing a freshly ground edge and for sharpening serrated blades. For more information call 800-221-4156 or visit smithabrasives.com.

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