Dirt Time: Get Out and Do It

I am not suggesting that we all just chuck it…

I am not suggesting that we all just chuck it and head for the wild places, but there are times when that sure sounds inviting. Unlike the renowned camper Horace Kephart and his cohorts, most of us have jobs, families for whom we are responsible and other threads that bind us to a conventional life. Oh, it can be done. I know a few guys who have chucked it all, or at least most of it, and live pretty far off the grid. Most of these guys, however, are not your everyday sort.

What I am suggesting is that we survival-skills enthusiasts need to get out there. We need to get dirty; maybe get real uncomfortable for a while. Survival expert Dr. Gino Ferri makes the point that survival and comfort are not synonymous. If a guy gets to feeling sorry for himself when he is cold, wet, hungry and sore, he isn’t going to make it. Only by walking the walk time and again can we truly learn the skills and attitudes that will allow us to survive in the bush.

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