Double-Action 1911 Automatic Knife

A favorite with M1911 pistol buffs, Foster Knives’ 1911 Automatic knife is now a double-action—strong and reliable.

About now, many of you have read the title to this column and are wondering why I am writing about a pistol. Well, it may read like that but I am not. I am writing about one of the neatest and strongest double-action automatic knives available today.

auto2.jpgIn a previous TK, I wrote an article about the Foster Knives 1911 folding knife, which was designed to appeal specifically to M1911 enthusiasts, as well as anyone interested in a top-notch, heavy-duty folder. It was designed so that the machined aluminum handle of the knife and its diamond-checkered cocobolo wood grip scales are miniatures of the M1911 pistol grip with classic diamond-checkered grips. Even the thumb studs on the 1911 knife are nearly identical to the magazine release on the M1911 pistol. The result is a neat looking, highly functional knife that any M1911 pistol buff would recognize as M1911 related. Well, now this superb knife is available as a double-action auto (DAA).

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