Double-Duty Diamond

Tactical Knives didn’t spare the horses when putting EdgeCraft’s new…

Tactical Knives didn’t spare the horses when putting EdgeCraft’s new Diamond Hone electric sharpener to the test. It shined on every edge.

The advantages of a motor-driven sharpener are that it’s fast and foolproof. Even the best manual hone is slow compared to a power sharpener. The challenge is to create a motorized honing machine that can smoothly reshape an edge to its original—or better—keenness, but while stingily governing the amount removed to guard against excessive blade wear.

Enter the new EdgeCraft Model 42 Diamond Hone electric sharpener. Designed especially for recreational sportsmen, this machine can accommodate butcher’s knives to hunting blades. The M42’s honing elements consist of four spring-loaded wheels that are precision-coated with fine diamond abrasives in Stage 1, the coarse side, and ultra-fine diamonds in Stage 2. Powered by a 2.1-amp motor, the abrasive wheels have the torque to smoothly scour away today’s super-hard steels, but not so much power that a slip will spoil the aesthetics of a fine knife.

To help beginners achieve impressive results, both sharpening stages employ a tunnel-shaped plastic Flexible Positioning Spring whose sides slope inward toward either side of the paired diamond hone wheels. Identified by the raised numerals 1 and 2 molded into them, the springs are visibly of different widths, because the EdgeCraft M42 employs a somewhat unusual approach to resharpening a broader range of knives than many other power sharpeners.

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