EDC Blades for Urban Survival | Survival Knives

Being fully prepared for surviving the mean streets or the backcountry, the author packs knives accordingly!

Much of what I write is about wilderness survival. This time I want to stretch my usual definition of survival. The issue here is the EDC or the “every day carry” knife. Not a day goes by that I don’t pop a knife into my pocket before leaving home. My EDC is typically a light folder and such a knife has served me just fine for many years.

t78sur1.jpgAs an outdoor education and history teacher/coach for 35 years, I have used my knife in some unusual situations. For example, I once had to cut a student’s hair that got tangled in a figure eight descender while rappelling. I used a Gerber LST for that. Another time the game warden decided not to drop a fresh roadkill deer at my home, but instead he brought it to me at school. To the delight of some of the students and to the dismay of others, I gutted and skinned the deer with my SAK Soldier on the spot.

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  • Luis Gutierrez

    I´m a long time TK reader,and usually the first column I devour is Mr.Shechtman´Survival. I would like TK will publish a special number with a compilation of Mr.Shechtman´s articles (better if Mr. Shechtman write a Book,including -obviously -pictures of his travels ). Thank you. Regards.
    Luis Gutierrez.

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