Exotic Spec-Ops Fighter | M3 Trench Knife Review

Pakistan’s Special Service Group (SSG) serves as that country’s special…


Pakistan’s Special Service Group (SSG) serves as that country’s special operations unit for virtually all types of missions. Functions performed in the U.S. by the U.S. Army Special Forces and Rangers, U.S. Navy SEALs, USMC Recons, and USAF Combat Control Teams are all performed by Pakistan’s SSG.

col-col-pak-ssg-1.gifThe SSG is also the primary anti-terrorist unit for Pakistan and has carried out various hostage-rescue operations. The largest employment on anti-terrorist operations took place in July 2007 when the SSG assaulted the Red Mosque, which was occupied by Islamic extremists. The operation was extremely bloody with heavy losses on both sides.

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  • Simon

    This SSG knife has an ugly big brother, I have this knife and the larger one in presentation cases bought from a US SF officer. Let me know if you would like a picture for reference? Simon.

  • ethan ramsell

    how can i purchase a knife off of this website (tatical-life.com)