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When I look back on my wilderness wanderings and consider…

When I look back on my wilderness wanderings and consider the knives I have most frequently carried, those from Mike Mann of Idaho Knife Works turn up time and again. This is not mere coincidence. When I took off for the Malchutna River in southwest Alaska or the Sturgeon River in the Ontario bush, I wanted a knife I could count on in the harsh conditions I would encounter. A call to Mike guaranteed me a knife that would serve my needs.

Jim Weyer PhotoThe knives Mike crafts are among my most treasured for several reasons. Most importantly, they perform. Mike forges 5160 spring steel into tough, woods-worthy knives whose qualities read like a wish list for a working knife. Mike and his wife Debbie are a pleasure to work with. The service that Idaho Knife Works provides is second to none. Mike and Debbie are gracious, understanding and ultimately professional. Finally, what Mike offers covers the bases for me as a woodsman and historian. Idaho Knife Works merges my two great interests of period cutlery and survival.

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