Gerber Safety Auto Hook Knife

Gerber Safety Auto Hook Knife Review

The Gerber Safety Auto Hook knife is a one-handed webbing cutter that can save lives when seconds count!

No slouch at cutting soft, tough materials, the hook-shaped blade on the Gerber Safety Auto Hook made short work of most types of cord.

This isn’t really an automatic knife. It is a tactical folding knife that happens to also have an automatic, small hook blade imbedded in the handle. So even though it doesn’t completely fit the usual parameters of this column we felt that it would appeal heavily to the readers of this magazine to feature it.

Safety Auto Hook
Small curved blades have been a staple of military and law enforcement use for decades. The original U.S. Military MC-1 parachute knives with orange handles and automatic main blades are the genesis of these more modern designs. These hooked blades could safely cut paratrooper suspension lines without fear of accident since there was basically no tip, just a curved blade. The advent of mandated seat belt use in the U.S.A. also spawned a cottage industry of seat belt cutters that followed a similar principle, large, curved blades that could quickly grab material and cut an entangled victim free. These tools also became popular with law enforcement for cutting flex cuffs, and for those working around inflatable boats—another arena where a razor sharp tip could be a major liability.

The Gerber Safety Auto Hook knife is a rugged tactical folder and quick-firing automatic rescue hook all in one.

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