Going ‘Clipless’ In The City

More than 25 years ago, Spyderco combined their trademark round…


More than 25 years ago, Spyderco combined their trademark round hole with a pocket-clip to define the modern tactical folding knife. Together, they provided the dynamic combination of convenient, accessible carry and high-speed one-handed opening that now characterizes this breed of blade.
Unfortunately, the qualities that make tactical folders so unique are now making them the target of misguided legislators—especially in New York City. In recent years, New York City lawmakers have decided that a one-handed-opening knife clipped to one’s pocket poses a threat to public safety and should be considered a form of “menacing.” If a cop in the Big Apple sees one clipped to your pocket, you can plan on losing your knife, some hard-earned cash, and your reputation as a law-abiding citizen.

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  • hapkidoman

    These jokers!It’s pretty easy for them to legislate weapons out of the hands of law abiding
    citizens,leaving us defenseless,while doing so behind guarded walls of legislatures.Most of them can also afford private bodyguards.How hypocritical!Take away the bodyguards and guarded buildings and let THEM walk the streets without any protection!They will sing a different tune,I guarantee!The 2nd Amendment is just as relative today as it was at the founding of our country.
    It’s the high law of the law and the one I will continue to abide by regardless of what the fat cat legislators like Michael Bloomberg say.

  • bahz01

    Having an exposed clip is “menacing?!?!” I think what these idiot lawmakers fail to realize is that they are binding the hands of the wrong people. Law abiding citizens keep having their rights taken away little by little, while the crooks have no intentions of ever following the law, are becoming more and more empowered as citizens are forced into being less armed and using tools to help protect themselves and their families. My knife stays right where it is.

  • Joe Citizen

    This is a joke. I love how our gov wants us to walk around & wait for a criminal to victimize us. No protection is a joke & my right as a human, constitution or not I WILL defend me & mine if threatened. If they opt to take my blade then I will pull another from the drawer & continue to do so.

    I have no problem not being considered a ‘law abiding citizen’ since new laws are passed everyday that are worthless, ignorant, & full of kickbacks for those that pass them. The US is not what it once was, our freedoms are nothing more than commodities to the fat cats in office.

    The police try most of the time to help & protect but half are on their personal cell phones & the others that aren’t can’t be everywhere at once.
    My blade(s) will stay by my side, lawful or unlawful.

    -Joe Citizen