Hogue’s Allen Elishewitz-Designed EX-F01s Knife

Hogue EX-F01 | Tactical Fixed Blade Knife Review

Designed by detail-driven Allen Elishewitz, this tactical fixed knife is built for real-world survival!

hogue-ex-f01Believe your eyes! Hogue’s Allen Elishewitz-designed EX-F01s are about as close to custom as can be, less the custom-made price points. The EX-F01s are in the sub-$250 range.

Navigating the world of knife design collaborations is difficult. Whether you are a pure designer or a custom maker crafting your own handmade blades, accurately translating your ideas into factory-made production knives is a challenge. Production methods and practicalities typically mean compromises. And compromises mean that the finished products are never exactly the way you want them to be.

The Torx wrench stored in the handle allows easy removal of the handle scales, revealing storage compartments for survival necessities.

Having played on both sides of this equation, I understand the compromise process. That’s why I am very impressed when I see knives that turn out exactly the way a designer intended them—especially when they accurately reflect the details of a knifemaker’s custom-quality work. One outstanding example of this “exception to the rules” is the Hogue EX-F01 Tactical Fixed Blade designed by Allen Elishewitz.

A Seasoned Pro
If you know anything about custom tactical knives, you should already be well aware of Allen Elishewitz. One of the youngest “veterans” in the custom knifemaking community, Elishewitz is unique in that he brings a wealth of military experience and a high level of martial arts skill to his knifemaking and design. As one of the most sought-after designers in the knife industry, he has also has more experience—both good and bad—in collaborating with knife manufacturers than almost any other knifemaker. As such, he knows what it takes to “get it right.”

Regular readers of Tactical Knives already know that Elishewitz has partnered with Hogue, a leading manufacturer of handgun grips, to produce an outstanding series of tactical folding knives (see January 2011 TK). Based on the outstanding success of that project, Hogue has decided to follow up with a fixed-blade offering that they have designated the EX-F01.

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