Legal Hideaways: Your 3-Inch Folding Knife Protection!

Ernest Emerson’s new “Snubby” and Bullnose Karambit folding knives deliver legal-friendly blades under 3 inches, with big-knife feel.

I do not consider myself an especially knowledgeable “knife-ist.” I’m more of what you might call “a serious student of the topic.”

legal2.jpgThis being said, I have seen (the deceased) and interviewed (the living) my share of stabbing victims over the years, and this knowledge has led me to form my own opinions on the use of the defensive knife. During these interviews, one thing that really jumped out at me time and time again was the number of victims that did not know they were being stabbed. Most thought that they were simply being punched. Had they realized what was really happening, the way they handled the confrontation certainly would have been different.

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