Mercworx Equatorian Knife: The Ultimate Warrior

The Mercworx Equatorian fighting knife looks like a fusion of a bowie blade and a sword.

Even in this age of high-tech, special- purpose gear, a large, sturdy knife is still the one indispensable tool. The Mercworx Equatorian is a massive fighting knife that looks somewhat like a cross between a Bowie knife and a Roman short sword. The symmetrical spear point and slightly wasp-waisted blade are reminiscent of the “gladius Hispaniensis,” a Punic War-era sword believed to be derived from Spanish designs.

Photo by Steve WoodsThe double-edged blade is 8.5 inches long. The primary cutting edge is about 8 inches, while the top edge is sharpened for 4 inches from the tip. The blade width is 1.85 inches across the widest sharpened portion (measured about 3.5 inches from the tip), and 2.5 inches just forward of the hilt. Factory specs give a width of 2.75 inches, but I can only get this by measuring diagonally from tip to tip across the integral guard. The overall length is 13.75 inches. Blade thickness is a full 0.25 inch. There is about 1.5 inches of full-width spine forward of the thumb stop which could be used for batoning (splitting wood by striking the back of the blade with a wooden billet), if required.

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