New Gossman Semi-Skinner Hunting Knife

Scott Gossman comes up with a tough fixed-blade knife design that can handle serious field work in deer and big game country.

It’s no secret that I like fixed-blade knives. There’s no fooling around just to get the blade out in the open. And never a worry about whether or not the locking mechanism is working properly. A fixed-blade knife is always at the ready. And I like that.

When knifemaker Scott Gossman sent me one of his Semi-Skinner fixed-blade Hunter knives, I finally had a knife in my hands that was truly as ruggedly made as all outdoors. Believe me, I am hard on knives. And every year I take enough big game to really test the mettle of any blade. What I saw in this particular knife was more than enough to whet my appetite for a serious field test.

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