New Krupp 4116 Stainless Steel Knife Review

Author Hollis checks out and applauds a new steel knife that offers outstanding performance at an affordable price point.

The various ways that manufacturers employ to expand their profit margin or recoup costs have always amazed me. In the cutlery industry we have such a thing as “Premium” blade steel, and concealed in that terminology is the reality of additional cost. Even though with each passing year the price of doing business escalates, I can’t quite deal with terms that attempt to obfuscate the reality of added cost.

For these reasons and a whole lot more, I really appreciate a cutlery manufacturer like Cold Steel that provides a decent piece of blade steel in their edged products without trying to add new terminology to the English language. Likewise, it’s equally as gratifying when the introduction of this steel hasn’t been accompanied with an inflated price structure. The blade steel I am referring to is the new Krupp 4116 stainless steel.

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