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The S&W Twist auto is the genesis of many years…


The S&W Twist auto is the genesis of many years of knowing what the customer wants-in this case a small, unique automatic at the “right price.”

Taylor Brands, the parent firm that makes Smith & Wesson knives, is best known for marketing dramatically styled imported cutlery for the masses. Countless S&W-branded tactical folding knives ride in the pockets of soldiers, cops and “everyday people.” In addition to S&W, Taylor owns the current Schrade, Uncle Henry and over 80 (whew!) other cutlery brands. A lot of knife nuts probably own a Taylor branded knife and don’t even know it.

When S&W/Taylor informed me that they were now producing their first USA-made, “trick” auto knife I wasn’t too surprised, but I was very intrigued. There is a huge market for small, pocket autos and a real subculture of people out there who love anything “different”—the new Twist auto is small, different and nicely made as well.

Note the large pocket/money clip of the diminutive Twist. A good every day snapper for pocket carry.

Tiny Auto
The little Twist knife has a 440-C, hollow-ground and highly polished blade. The blade is small, at 2.5-inches long, and not the star of the show here. It is perfectly adequate for small knife everyday use but it isn’t a powerhouse by any means. It is more of a penknife and came mirror polished and nicely sharpened. From a historical perspective, many cutlery companies once marketed small push-button autos to women as “sewing basket” knives. This allowed a lady to open the knife without risking her fingernails. The high polish of the blade prevents staining when used for typical small knife chores like cutting an apple.

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