Norwegian Knife Honors S.A.C. Boss

Here’s a beautifully made Norwegian knife that pays tribute to the general who built and ran our best Cold War defense.

Knives may be of interest to collectors for various reasons. The knife itself may be rare or of beautiful design, or it may have belonged to a famous person. Still other knives may be of interest because of their association with historical events. Recently, I had a chance to examine a knife a friend had inherited from a mutual friend who had passed away. At least some of its appeal arises from the fact it is a memento of a departed friend, but this blade also has a definite association with a famous person and perhaps with historical events.

The knife was presented to Gen. Curtis LeMay “from Norwegian Friends.” Curtis LeMay is best remembered as the commander of the Strategic Air Command during the Cold War when it was a key element in our nuclear deterrent force. LeMay later became Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

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