Randall’s Aren’t Custom Knives?

Are the oft-criticized Randall knives actually custom blades?

It seems to be very popular in some circles to run down Randall Knives. The opening salvo usually starts with some kind of refrain that Randall Knives aren’t really “custom.”

Now, I’ve been around the business long enough to know you won’t find two knife buffs who agree on what the term “custom” actually means. Some would limit it strictly to one-man shops handcrafting totally unique pieces designed by the buyer. Others are willing to go with the one-man shop concept but the knife can be anything the maker prefers to turn out. Still others will allow the “master” to have an apprentice but the knife still needs to be primarily the work of the person that puts his stamp on it. On and on it goes. And the arguments as to what shop equipment is or isn’t acceptable in making a custom knife are also endless.

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    Randall’s ARE a Legend !! I’ve carried one all through my military career, a Model #14 that was there with me through thick and thin… it never let me down… ever.
    Is it a custom… absolutely. Randall’s were probably one of the first customs available to our fighting elite back in WWII. Founded by Bo Randall, who supplied our troops with a truly superior handcrafted knife and still today “Randall made” with pride by Americans!! What better qualifications could a custom knife ever hope to possess!!
    Those idiots out there who “bash” Randall’s obviously have never owned one, or for that matter carried it into harms way.

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