One-Handed Multi Tool

When I first got into U.S. Army Special Forces in…

When I first got into U.S. Army Special Forces in March 1964, the most common pocketknife was the all-stainless-steel “Demo” knife. Within a short period of time, this changed dramatically with the arrival of the now-famous Buck 110 Folder. Much has been written about the 110 and how it changed the folding knife market. The 110 was strong, a good size, corrosion resistant and sharp. But it also looked good. I know when in 1969 I took a six-man team from Okinawa to go on temporary duty to Vietnam, five of the six men had Buck 110’s (the sixth had a Puma clone of a 110).

onehanded2.jpgOne-Handing the Buck 110
One of the key reasons the 110 was so popular was that it served as an early one-handed opener. You needed to cut something, just reach back and extract it from its leather sheath, thumb the blade open, cut the object, depress the lock and close the blade.

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