Ontario’s RTAK II: RAT Pack’s Newest

Where does the time go? It seems just yesterday that…

Where does the time go? It seems just yesterday that Jeff Randall, the crew at RAT (Randall’s Adventure & Training) and Ontario Knives all joined forces to bring out the RTAK. As promoted, the RTAK was a cross between a large knife and a machete. The acceptance by the knife-buying public spoke volumes for the ability of Jeff, Mike Perrin and others in the RAT group to design a knife. The satisfaction of those customers spoke for the quality of production by Ontario Knives.

ratk-2.jpgThe RTAK was the offspring of the knowledge gained by the RAT group while offering survival training and adventure trips to the jungles of Peru. Since the introduction of their first knife, the group has designed others, all scaled down in size from the RTAK. Their RAT 3, a drop-point design with a 3-inch blade, is their smallest and has become one of my favorite outdoor knives.

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