Orion K2 Caper

With the closure of some American cutlery icons in recent…

With the closure of some American cutlery icons in recent years and the increasing wave of overseas outsourcing going on these days, it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to find quality knives that are still made here in the USA. All is not lost, however, as I found out when I had the opportunity to check out the new K2 Caper from Orion Knives.

img_3738.jpgOrion Background Check
Orion Knives is a small, eight-person operation located in Coopersville, Michigan, about 20 minutes northwest of Grand Rapids and close to the shores of Lake Michigan. Orion’s roots are in a company called Reid Tool Design, a business run by Jeff Cothery, which has been making specialty hand tools and industrial cutting tools since the early 1960’s. Reid has also been grinding knife blades for a few different knife makers for a number of years now as well. With that kind of background, it seemed only natural that they try their hand at the knife market themselves and in 2006 Orion Knives was born.
M. Khorasani

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