Pair of Mini Tacticals | Lone Wolf Pocket Folding Knives

Lone Wolf’s Panther and Prankster knives: Poehlmann-designed utility pocket folders report for duty!

For every reader that’s already familiar with the high-end knives coming out of Lone Wolf, there’s probably a reader who’s a bit fuzzy about them. You may be asking yourself: Who are these guys; what makes them special? Well, glad you asked!

lonewolf1.jpgLone Wolf was founded in 2001 by three industry veterans. Jim Wehrs was formerly the President of Gerber Legendary Blades, Doug Hutchens was previously the Engineering and Marketing Manager at Gerber, and Charlie Gregory was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Buck Knives. In other words, these guys started ahead of the curve. Then they partnered with some of the top-echelon designers in the knife field, providing them with products that are as unique as they are functional. Finally, they went to a semi-custom production method, ensuring that the fit and finish of Lone Wolf knives, and the quality of the knives’ materials, were second to none.

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