Z-Blades Precision Field Scalpel | Medical Scalpel Knife Review

New Z-Blades stainless steel medical knives — can be carried safely, inexpensive and disposable!

The Z-Blade scalpel knife is available in three bright handle colors and features a protective blade cap with a safety lock.

Once your bullet or arrow has done its job, the paradigm then changes from hunting to game care. The single most important tool for this assignment is a finely honed blade. Unfortunately, knife sharpening is a skill that some find lacking in their pantheon of hunting knowledge. However, the new disposable Z-Blade edged hunter’s tool has the promise of adequate sharpness to field dress an entire elk.

The reason for this incredible edge retention is that the blade is a medical-grade, stainless steel scalpel. That’s right, the same type of blade used in a hospital to perform surgery. And unlike other similar scalpel blade knives, the Z-Blade has an easy-to-hold polypropylene handle molded directly on the blade. This provides enhanced support to the blade, which lessens the chance of accidental breakage. And a clear plastic cap completely encases the blade, until the user disengages the safety lock.

Inexpensive & Disposable
Best of all, there’s never a worry about keeping a sharp edge. Not only is the Z-Blade inexpensive, it’s also disposable. When the edge of the knife starts to deteriorate, simply discard the entire unit (in a proper trash container, not in the field) and use another. Since the knife weighs less than one ounce, you can easily carry two or three in a cargo pants pocket, or in your pack.

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