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With the exception of a few head I’ve shot out…

With the exception of a few head I’ve shot out of state, my wife and I have always cut and wrapped all of the deer and elk we have harvested. When I first started home butchering I tended to try to cut as much of the animal into steaks and roasts as possible. Only the few remaining scraps were ground for other uses. Eventually, I noticed we always ran out of the ground meat long before the steaks. Ground venison simply had far more potential everyday uses—meat loaf, spaghetti, chili, tacos, burritos, sausage, the list was endless.

Of course, grinding meat requires that you have a grinder. I think our first was an attachment to my wife’s Kitchen Aid mixer that quickly burned out under the heavy use. It was followed by a series of hand-grinders that seemed to work fine for a season or two and then ceased to function at all. Eventually, I bit the bullet and bought a heavy-duty professional grinder and have had no reason to regret the expenditure since then.

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