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Tactical Response Folding Knives are built military tough with endless custom options!

For those looking for the ultimate in an eye-catching auto, there are Pro-Tech Chad Nichols “rain drop” Damascus bladed, engraved stainless steel handle models. These are produced in relatively small numbers that sell out quickly, so it never pays to hesitate if you want one.

A few years ago I would have told you that it could never happen, but we really do seem to be living in a golden age of auto-opening folders. One of the primary reasons given back in 1958 for putting the Federal restrictions on these knives was that they had no useful purpose besides crime. While there actually were push-button utility knives around in those days, it was the long, mean Italian switchblade “stilettos” the politicians focused on. Even I would have a difficult time saying those folders had an everyday use that couldn’t be done better by some other type of knife. The main point here is that how a knife opens doesn’t determine its practicality and there is no reason that autos can’t be functional everyday tools. Modern makers like Pro-Tech Knives are constantly proving that to any reasonable person’s satisfaction.

The full line up of standard model TR-4 folders shown in both aluminum and stainless steel handle variations. Note the non-auto knife in the center lacks the safety found the spring activated folders. All versions are available with partially serrated blades like the second to right.

Tactical Response Folders
Recently, I was allowed an opportunity to give Pro-Tech’s TR-4 (Tactical Response) family of autos an extended evaluation. The basic specs for this model include a 4-inch leaf shaped drop-point blade of 154CM stainless, 1.35 inches wide and 1/8-inch thick. Both “stone wash” and DLC black finishes with either a plain or partially serrated edge are available on all variations. The 5.25-inch handle is either T6 6061 anodized black aluminum or 416 stainless steel. An extension of the frame forms both a lanyard loop and a window breaker/striking point on the butt of the handle. On the auto version (Pro-Tech also offers a street legal non-auto for those in parts of the country where this is a legal necessity) a securely recessed push button on the left side of the handle releases the blade. A precision-machined sliding safety is also provided behind the release button.


To make things more interesting, the handles are all available with custom laser engraving of your favorite motto and/or unit insignia. If supplied with a clean, black and white computer image, Pro-Tech can customize the knives with no setup fee. All knives come in a MOLLE compatible ballistic nylon sheath as an alternative to using the standard pocket clip. Prices start around $300 and go up depending on the variation and options requested.

The top blade is the TR-4 at the end of the evaluation and the bottom is an unused one. As you can see, there was very little wear to the finish.

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  • What can we say…Been using Dave’s Protech Knives for years. The best of the best in a class all by themselves.

    Vic Di Cosola
    Tactical Night Vision Co.

  • Iron15

    Work of art, those are beautiful knives, gotta get one…or maybe two, three may be. well done Pro-tech

  • After reading this I made up my mind,and bought number 26 out of 200 of the limited addition scull knives. Thank you for the good work. It has to be a great pleasure to be able to try out new products.

  • gunner byrne

    how do i purchase a kinfe from tectical life