Raptor Talon: Quick-Strike Defender | Knife & Defense System

I’m a practical woman. I lead an extremely full life,…

I’m a practical woman. I lead an extremely full life, wearing dozens of hats as the occasion demands, and I’ve never seen the virtue in spending decades working at perfecting ideal karate movements when I could be searching out defense training I can use right now. I tend to like stuff that works for me, quick and dirty, and over the years I’ve trained in a variety of techniques so that I’d have an assortment of skills to put into my survival bag of tricks.

Jeff Randall PhotoIt’s not usually about hardware for me. I’ve acquired my share of exotic blades, it’s true (I have several swords and I went far out of my way to take a couple of classes with Steve Tarani and to buy one of his folding Karambits after seeing him work), but generally speaking, it’s a plain old Spyderco Endura I’ve got clipped to my belt, and it’s guile I use as my first line of defense. Every once in a while, though, something comes along whose design is so unique, so compelling, that I have to look twice. Or three times. And then, you know, I’ve just GOTTA have it.

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