Rescue Roundup | First Responder Knives

Multi-mission first-responder knives are coming on strong and for good reason: They're called on for duty now more than ever!


If you’ve been following trends in knives the last decade, you’ve noticed that some of the “hot new trends” are no longer to be seen. In other words, they were fads—not all, but some. Because the truth is that a simply shaped knife is usually the best-suited style for most knife jobs; it takes a pretty specific and dedicated application to require an unusually shaped knife.

rescue2.gifThe latest knife trend is “rescue knives.” A few years ago, there weren’t too many on the market, whereas now, every manufacturer has at least one model—and usually several—that they’re pushing heavily. Which raises the question: Is this a fashion fad or a class of knives that meets a real need? The answer? The latter.

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