S60V: A New Diehard Stainless!

Steel manufacturers seem to come up with new formulations about…

Steel manufacturers seem to come up with new formulations about as regularly as the seasons change. Just when knife makers and users get accustomed to their favorite blade steel, the manufacturer stirs something new into the mix. That is certainly the case with CPM S60V.

This new steel variant is produced by Crucible Particle Metallurgy. The formulation starts with a 440C martensitic base, which is enriched by the addition of Carbon and Vanadium. The alloys in this steel are as follows: carbon (2.15%), manganese (.50%), silicon (.40%), chromium (17.0%), molybdenum (1.0%) and vanadium (5.50%). In comparison with 440C, the S60V has nearly double the carbon content. While the additional carbon increases edge retention, tensile strength, hardness and abrasion resistance, it’s the high vanadium component (440C does not have any vanadium in its makeup) and the resultant vanadium carbides formed during the tempering process that gives this steel its superb edge-holding qualities.

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  • Scott Devanna

    CPMS60V is not a new variant. CPMS60V is a grade we made for years and officially stopped making the grade 18 months ago. Not sure where Mr. Hollis got his information. We do have some inventory of this grade remaining(less than 100 pounds). Once this inventory is gone CPMS60V will be offically gone !