SARD to the Rescue: Eickhorn’s New Folder

There is no denying that Waffentechnik Borkott & Eickhorn’s new…

There is no denying that Waffentechnik Borkott & Eickhorn’s new SARD (Search and Rescue Device) is a large folder, but with that size comes some unique features. First, it is available with four different blade options. You can get it with the Rescue blade with a rounded tip, the tanto blade, the “Wave” (a kind of a Warncliff-style point), and a drop tanto. You can even change blades with a relatively simple procedure. Actually the name “SARD” is a little misleading, as the knife is designed with input from and for elite European hostage rescue teams.

71320010.gifEach blade is 4 inches long, flat ground, about 1-1/8 inches wide, and about 1/8-inch thick. Each SARD blade is shaped from a special patented heat-treated 440 stainless steel protected with black KG160, a tough military coating. This patented heat treatment process is called “vario and ice hardened” and the blades come out at HRC 58-60. Each blade has a 1-inch section of serrations to help cut through fibrous materials. At the rear of the blade is a downward projection that forms a finger guard and it is grooved on the rear to provide a better gripping surface. The blade has a thumb-opening stud (collar) on each side of the blade and the knife is fully ambidextrous.

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