SL Pro Series | Tool Logic Multi Tools

Tool Logic’s SL Pro Series features multi tools for law enforcement and outdoor usage.

The new SL Pro Series is a complete multi-tool system built for rugged outdoor or law enforcement use. Talk about variety—it features interchangeable components that offer a brilliant LED flashlight plus your choice of five different tools. The flashlight is waterproof so it’s ideal for all-weather use in low light situations. The interchangeable tools include a wet/dry magnesium fire starter, diamond sharpening steel, handcuff key and Glock tool. The SL Pro has a solid steel handle for strength and an innovative frame lock that is secure and easy to operate with one hand. The 3-inch blade is razor sharp and 50/50 serrated for a long lasting edge. A sleeve along the top of the handle also contains a very handy and very loud signal whistle and there is a stainless clip on the back. For more information visit or call (800) 483-8422.

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