Slice It Like The Pros!

Back in the November 2007 issue of Tactical Knives, I…

Back in the November 2007 issue of Tactical Knives, I reviewed the ChefsChoice Model 750 Professional Meat Grinder. As I mentioned then, over the years I have found myself grinding more and more of the venison I process simply because ground meat has far more uses than steak. An added side benefit of grinding most cuts is that it greatly speeds up my butchering chores. Rather than trying to carefully bone out, say, a shoulder into a uniform block that can be evenly sliced, I just strip the meat into grinder-size chunks and move on. Normally, only the hindquarters and backstraps are saved for steaking.

Given the time of the year when I evaluated the Model 750, I was forced to do my testing with some odds and ends chunks of venison out of the freezer. While the machine worked well, I really hadn’t challenged it. This fall’s deer season gave me a chance to grind the entire front quarters and assorted trimmings from a large blacktail buck. I quickly found the ChefsChoice grinder was a much faster machine than the Italian model I have been using. Converting all of the trimmings into ground meat took me less than an hour. I would highly recommend the Model 750 to any hunter that processes his own game.

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