SOG’S Aegis & Trident Mini Knife

SOG’s Aegis & Trident Mini | Folding Knives Review

Solidly built spring-assisted folding knives come quickly into the action when called upon!

The trio of SOG knives could be a good choice for tactical everyday carry. In a tight spot, you go with what you have and it is more likely you would carry a knife this size.

At one time or another, all of us have been guilty of developing preconceived notions. We are exposed to a tidbit of information and our first opinions are formed. Depending on the situation, this can be good or bad, and even I must admit to being just like everyone else.

A perfect example would be that anytime someone mentions SOG Knives, my first thoughts are of the SOG Recon Bowie of Vietnam fame. There is a reason behind this thought. In 1986 SOG Specialty Knives & Tools came to be and their first product was a reproduction of this historical blade. True, by 1988 SOG Knives began producing their first folder, but by then the Recon Bowie that had already made an impression on me. The original Recon Bowie was the result of design work by Ben Baker, head of the army’s CISO (Counterinsurgency Support Office), for the military’s Special Operation Group (SOG), and has no connection to modern SOG Specialty Knives & Tools.

The Aegis Mini and Trident Mini have different blade patterns but both proved useful.

However, I will say this—the reproduction is actually better quality than the original. I have an original and SOG Specialty Knives & Tools’ version shows a much-improved finish. Since that time they have continually made additions to their product line—including fixed blades, folders, and even some multi-tools. Recently, I received three knives by SOG for review and this was my chance to see if they have continued to manufacture to the same level of quality.

The SOG pocket clip is really an asset if you want your knife to go unnoticed. It keeps the knife handy but sets it just below the pocket line.

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