Hefty, tough and corrosion-resistant, the new SOG Force shows its…

Hefty, tough and corrosion-resistant, the new SOG Force shows its SEAL combat heritage from end to end. TERRILL HOFFMAN PHOTO

Most of the “names” that have achieved a prominent position in this industry did so by selling products that maintained both quality and user confidence. SOG is one company that’s kept its head up, and when I saw the new Force fixed-blade at a recent trade show, my name went on the list for a test sample right then and there. Basically, the knife was a spear-point version of the U.S. Navy-issue SEALs 2000 combat knife. Hefty general-utility fixed-blades have always interested me more than folders and small hunters, so this one was right up my alley.

Knife Details
If your life includes serious working blades that don’t fit in a pocket, there’s a lot to like about the Force. My 11.5-inch sample weighs 10.5 ounces, with a blade length of just a hair under 6 inches. Aptly named, this one features no delicate contours, has no exotic (and sometimes-fragile) handle scales, uses no rivets that can loosen up and no soft rubber that can wear down—plus there’s zero chance of any sunlight that happens to glance off its black blade being visible from orbiting spacecraft. The Force is not a high-polish safe queen—it’s a knife that is made to be used.

A single guard leaves more room for convenient choking up on the blade’s spine than the double prong design found on many combat knives.

The design is built around a hefty 0.236-inch thick blade of AUS8 stainless steel hardened to 57-58 Rc with a full-length tang inside a glass-reinforced black nylon handle. The steel is coated with a very non-reflective black TiNi finish. You get 2 inches of serrations at the rear of the blade for your money, plus a very comfortably contoured, aggressively checkered grip for your hand. That thick spine adds substantial strength to the hollow-ground blade, along with enough weight for light chopping chores if needed, and there are three other well-thought-out aspects that add appeal.

The point geometry ahead of the unsharpened swedge is sturdy and highly resistant to breaks or bends in hard use, a little over an inch of jimping just forward of the handle adds control for the thumb, and at the rear, the tang’s extended 3/8-inch and angled to function as a window glass breaker. The 0.88-inch thick handle carries four finger grooves, an integral lower guard up front, and a lanyard grommet at the back. All this is carried in a black nylon MOLLE sheath with hard plastic insert and a pouch for accessories on its face.

SOG’s website describes the Force as a “beast of a knife” and “virtually unbreakable.” While no blade ever crafted is truly unbreakable, “virtually” is a good descriptor on this one. There’d be no time wasted in choosing what to take along on a backcountry trip where I knew a rugged knife could be the key to getting back home again. There’s absolutely nothing I’d call refined or elegant about the Force, but there are times and places where rough and ready still carries the day, while pretty just doesn’t make it. Grinds are clean and consistent on the new SOG, the coating is uniform, mold seams are visible in the cast handle material if you look for them, but don’t rise above the surface to irritate skin, and the serrated “teeth” are uniform and sharp. This Taiwan-made tool is another indication of international outsourcing done right, and I’d expect the handle to break before it’d loosen up on the tang.

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  • I just got a SOG Force from . They have the best price of $100 shipped 2nd day UPS for free …. On SOGs website they are $180 plus shipping …This thing looks like a beast , it looks better built then the Seal team Elite … It does seem very close to my Cold Steel SRK which the Seals are issued in BUDs , I can’t wait to do a side by side comparison…..

  • justin

    I love the idea behind this knife.I have owned the seal 2000 knife and loved it so this knife appeals to me very much now where can i get one and for how much