Military Surplus Utica, Pre-74 Camillus, Post 74 Camillus, MSI and Ontario Knives

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Knives shown from top to bottom: Utica, Pre-74 Camillus, Post…

Knives shown from top to bottom: Utica, Pre-74 Camillus, Post 74 Camillus, MSI and Ontario—all found unused in the government wrap.

Over the past few years I have obtained quite a few items from the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO) sales. It is a large government auction that sells items no longer required at the current location. A large number of bases around the world auction off obsolete items, items no longer used and items that have expired storage dates on them. The items may be current issue but for some reason or another they are not required at their present location due to base closures, transfers in assignments, colors and patterns or a number of other reasons. The typical knives and bayonets I have obtained are obsolete models that are being surplused out. These have included the M7 knife bayonet along with the M8A1 bayonet scabbard that were sold in large bulk quantities for pennies on the dollar. The M1917 bayonets for the trench shotgun were also sold in large quantities. I have even obtained the current issue M9 bayonets in some sales. But by far my favorite purchase was the individual packed USMC 1219C2 Fighting/Utility knife currently termed the MIL-K12027, but better known by the generic G.I. title as the “k-bar.”

Sealed Foil

All of the knives I have obtained were vacuum-packed in sealed-foil containers with dates impressed into them. The knives in the packs can not be seen, so it is a gamble for what may reside inside, but to date I have not been disappointed. A few of the packs lost the vacuum seal from handling over the years for one reason or another. Upon opening the packs and removing the contents we discovered the items contained were of different manufacturers and dates. All were packed with accompanying sheaths. While I have not uncovered a WW-II example, I have found quite a few from the Vietnam War era. To date I have found examples made by Camillus, Utica, Ontario and MSI.

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  • A.B.FireFist

    I have a Camillus, I love it and would love to have more!
    Great article!

  • Hyon Park

    Where Can I go to acquire these knives????
    Is there any web sites where I can purchase these knives???

    thank you