Swing Blade: The Do-It-All-Hunter

When I first saw the new “Swing­Blade” by Outdoor Edge,…

When I first saw the new “Swing­Blade” by Outdoor Edge, at the 2007 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade show, I couldn’t decide whether it was a folder or a fixed-blade. Closer examination gave birth to an entirely new category: pivot blade. That’s what the blade on this innovative knife design does, it pivots from drop-point skinner to gutting blade with a simple push of the lock button.

Many years ago, Outdoor Edge entered the outdoor cutlery market with the introduction of a T-handle skinning knife. At the time, it was truly a revolutionary departure from traditional skinners. Those that became enthralled with the design touted its performance as a peerless skinning knife. From then to now, Outdoor Edge has continually brought news concepts in game care cutlery to sports folks.

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