The 06 Goes G-10! | Gerber Automatic Folding Knife Review

Gerber raises its own bar by lightening the load of its top-selling, clip-folding automatic knife!

Hidden in the two dozen new products that Gerber is introducing for 2010 is a lightweight version of their 06 Auto, a fairly conventional, button-lock switchblade obviously geared towards the military and police user. Even though based in auto-friendly Oregon, Gerber has only developed a few autos in the past; it seems now they are jumping in with both feet with the “06” line.

The 06 G-10 has conventional folding knife, sandwich-style construction-stainless liners and G-10 scales with an open frame design. This enables the 6.8-ounce knife to be lighter than some and easy to clean. The open frame also exposes the 06’s innards to dirt and debris—a mixed blessing. The G-10 handles are aggressive and have milled grooves for even more traction. A large push-button operates the conventional coil-spring auto and a large grooved safety prevents the button from fully depressing in the “safe” position. Like many autos, unfortunately, it’s pull back to fire. In my mind, a “push forward” to fire would be faster.

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