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When it comes to making big knives that work for…

When it comes to making big knives that work for a living, there is none better than Mikkel Willumsen. As a full-time custom knife maker from Copenhagen, Denmark, Mikkel’s style has gained a lot of notoriety in the market. In fact, he’s one of those makers that will sell out at a knife show during the first day. Describing his work and company as “Urban Tactical,” he likes to mix classic designs with modern ingenuity to create works of art that work. Granted, some of his knives won’t win a beauty contest but for those who appreciate hand craftsmanship mixed with simplicity and heavy-duty build, then Mikkel may just be your maker.

004.jpgThe knife bug has been with Mikkel for many years. As a child he was an avid knife collector, acquiring anything he could get his hands on that had a sharp edge. After graduating college as a teacher for metal and woodworking, he decided that knife making should be his future. Since then he’s made his living creating his own style of custom fixed blades, folders and balisongs. And if that mixture is not enough, he recently started working with Nikolaj Kirk to refine a Willumsen kitchen knife series. He likes to work with a variety of materials, with his favorite steel being RWL-34, a “powder” steel made in Sweden that has a very fine grain structure and good edge retention. For his classy knives he uses Damasteel, a stainless Damascus made from RWL-34 and PMC-27. He finishes out his work by applying G10, Carbon Fiber, or Micarta handles, and then topping it off with that extra attention to detail that separates a great custom maker from a good one.

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  • Robert S. O Dell

    Interested above article,also if he works with,hard used fixed blades.Interested in mixture of RWL-34 and PMC-27.And any reference.And if I could obtain reference.

  • Brian

    I read your article and would thoroughly enjoy the photos of your knife. Please forward them to my email address. Thank you!

  • Harvey Broadway

    Shortly after reading this article in Tactical Knives Magazine I contacted Mikkel directly to see if I could get one of the Angel Eye knives made. He was very gracious, very punctual in answering e-mails, and very easy to work with. I paid through paypal and told him what I wanted and he made the knife in about 3-4 weeks. Shipping from Denmark to California was 7 days. The knife he made me is exquisite, large, functional, well made, precise at all joints, with a lot of attention to detail. He added glow in the dark areas on the handle, he used a OD green micarta for the handle material, he even added some extra grooves and accents to the handle that make my knife a one of a kind compared to the knives reviewed and sold on knife retail websites. I couldn’t say enough about the knife and Mikkel. He is a wonderful maker, his knives truly are art to me, and he is a great person as well. I have knives from Zero Tolerance and Chris Reeve including the Neil Roberts’ knife but the one I plan to keep for my lifetime is my Willumsen Tactical. I would be happy to forward photo’s of my knife.