The Military Connection Counts!

Scan back over history and there is no doubt that…

Scan back over history and there is no doubt that tactical and military knives have led the way in collectable knives arena. Art knives and commercial pocketknives have their following. However, if you had to pick one type of knife that has always gained instant collector status, look at the edged weapons of the armed forces. These knives may start life as inexpensive examples of cutlery, but once the military connection is made their value increases tenfold.

img_4634.jpgThat may explain why so many factories and makers try to exploit any connection to the armed forces possible in their efforts to promote their knives. Am I saying these claims are false? No. But buyers and beginning collectors should note that there are two basic types of military knives. The first are those actually issued to troops and various military units by the government. The second are those that are purchased by individuals for their personal use while serving their country. The first may or may not be a better-made knife, but it will certainly have a higher collector’s value. As with any purchase, buyer beware.

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