Tiny Knives Can Save Lives

I have a vivid memory of one night years ago,…

I have a vivid memory of one night years ago, sitting on Colonel Rex Applegate’s back porch. We had just finished eating, and were having an after-dinner Scotch as we looked out over the dynamic river view behind the house. Inevitably, the topic of conversation eventually turned to knives, and for some reason I told him about my favorite knife of all time: a Damascus boot knife with ivory and amber grips, which my mother and wife had custom made for me as a Christmas present just a few months before my mother died.

jerry-van-cook.jpgI remember the Colonel smiling at the story, and then asking me if I’d like to see his personal favorite. Of course I said, “Yes,” and he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a small, cheaply made and very old “advertising knife.” You know the kind I mean: They usually contain a blade, a nail file, a tiny pair of scissors, and bear the logo of the company—something like “Yoncalla Seed and Feed.”

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